When you employ CAGP office, you have an ethical, professionally trained and highly motivated real estate team working for you.

As well as the team, you also employ over a thousand sales, Australia wide, to do the job.

Most of our clients have thoughts and ideas about their property that they would like to discuss and in turn hear our advice about the best way to handle their particular transaction.

· An exclusive marketing campaign to create the maximum interest possible

· Attracting more inspections of your property

· Which leads to more serious buyers making offers

· More offers make, results in higher competition between serious buyers

· Higher competition equates to achieving you the best price available

Why do I want you to be completely happy with our CAGP service?

Your decision is extremely important because if an owner chooses a Sales Agent based on the sales price promised or commission charged, he/she could be very disappointed.

All real estate agents have access to the same methods of determining how much a property may fetch.

But it is the property market that the buyer who ultimately decides the selling price of a property, – with respect, not you – and not your agent.

An owner could desire a price higher than market value at the present time, and has every right to do so. However, the more realistically priced, properties will sell within a natural period of time. Today, all buyers a very much in-touch, and will shy away form over priced properties.

Only you, the owner, knows how important time is in relation to selling your property. Eventually, after some time, everything will sell, especially when the asking price is adjusted to market conditions.

The reason for choosing an agent should be on the service and professional qualities offered to you, not on the price recommended. A professional agent will get you the best price, not give you false promises.

We at Capital Australia Group Properties will endeavour to obtain the highest possible price of your property within current market conditions. We have your needs and our reputation at stake.

May we state that the exposure your property receives is directly connected to the amount of interest your property receives from buyers.

We are very good at exposing property to the maximum buyers possible, through using up to date and unique marketing methods.

We have designed a marketing strategy specifically for your property, to do just this, and guarantee the feedback to you from interested buyers, which is vital to your objective in selling.

When you list with Capital Australia Group Properties you are choosing not only a local agent, but also an agency that is known Australia wide.

Choosing CAGP is Choosing Success